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nurse and participant at ORION4 clinic

You are invited to join a health research study called ORION-4. You don’t have to take part - it’s up to you.

ORION-4 is testing a new medication called inclisiran which helps to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol. The study scientists want to find out whether having an injection of inclisiran every six months prevents heart attacks and strokes.

About 15,000 people will take part in this study. Half will get inclisiran injections and half will get dummy (inactive placebo) injections. Which treatment you get is decided by chance and you will not know which treatment you are given. 

I had a heart attack back in 2007, and my doctors only know how to treat me now, with statins and aspirin and the like, because 20 years ago people like me joined earlier studies. So I think it’s my duty to take part in trials like this, and without volunteers nothing will get better
David Hughes, study participant

Joining the study involves three clinic visits in the first five months and then a visit every six months.

At each visit a trained researcher will ask some questions about your health, take a blood sample and give you an injection into your abdomen (tummy).

You are asked to stay in the study for about five years.

If you join the study, your GP will be informed. Your usual medical care will not be affected by taking part.

This study is coordinated by the University of Oxford and co-sponsored by the University of Oxford and Novartis. 

If you’d like to find out more please read this patient information leaflet carefully.