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How have we identified potential participants?

People are invited to join the ORION-4 study if their medical records suggest they have had a heart attack, stroke or an operation or procedure on their arteries. People can take part whether or not they are already taking a statin.

See the Eligibility Criteria section to find out more about who can and can't take part in our study.

The Data Protection section provides more detailed information on how we have identified participants.

Do people invited Have to take part in the study?

No-one has to take part in this study. It is the decision of each person invited. But if people did help, many millions of people from around the world might benefit from this research in years to come.

If a person did join this study, it will not affect any decisions about other medical treatment they might need or be receiving from their own doctors. If a person agrees to take part, we will tell their GP.