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We hope participants will be able to continue getting the injections for the full course of the study. But, if anyone does choose to stop them, it would be helpful if they would allow the study scientists to stay in touch, to see how they get on. Ideally, this means still coming to the study clinic. If this is not possible then it would be very helpful if we could keep in contact by phone.

It helps the study to produce reliable results if we can get complete information about the health of as many participants as possible. However, during the study some participants may decide they no longer wish to, or are no longer able to, stay in contact with the study team.

With participant permission, the study scientists can also get information about people's health from NHS bodies such as NHS Digital or Health Registries. More information about this is provided in the Data Protection section. 

Participants are free to stop taking part in this study at any time without this having any effect on their future medical care.